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Jade Cuttings also Known as
Crassula Ovata or California Red Tip
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Jade Cuttings, Crassula Ovata or California Red Tip
Jade Cuttings, Crassula Ovata or California Red Tip
These Delicate Flowers Emerge Every SpringThese Tiny & Delicate Flowers Emerge Every Spring

Commonly known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or Money Plant. This hardy sun loving plant has few pests & is very drought tolerant. They grow with little to no care as long as they have plenty of sun & no frost. Frost kills succulents, do not plant outdoors if it freezes in your area. If planted in partial sun they will still grow but may become stunted, leggy & will not flower. Their fleshy green leaves feature a beautiful magenta edging in the summer & produce small white to pink star-like flowers in early spring. New stem growth is the same color & texture as the leaves but as the plant ages the main stems become brown and woody.

  • All Natural Jade Cuttings, Grown with No Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers
  • Leaves Feature a Beautiful Magenta Edging in the Summer
  • Produces a Multitude of White to Pink Star-Like Flowers in the Spring
  • Easy to Grow Shrub-like Form with Thick Branches & Smooth, Oval-Shaped Leaves
  • Hardy Drought Tolerant Plant Enjoys Full or Partial Sun
  • A Easy Care Eyecatching Piece for Any Succulent Garden
  • Makes a Great Gift for a Gardner in Your Life!

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